Hands-Free Resident Workflows, Powered by Voice

headset and voice assistantThe AccuNurse voice input and audio feedback workflow system provides caregivers with real-time access to care plans, clinical data, and resident interventions. We help assisted living and long-term care leaders make substantial and lasting improvements to the performance of their organizations, with a proven care entry and feedback system used in dozens of long-term care facilities.

The depth and knowledge of our senior clinical advisors, coupled with our time-tested voice technology, are what empower us to conquer workflow problems like no one else can.

Empower Your Staff

Give your care providers the info they need to provide the best services, at the point of care.

Provide The Ultimate Care

With real-time access to care plans and resident preferences, AccuNurse enables your staff to provide the best in care.

Increase Reimbursements

Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements significantly increase after organizations start using AccuNurse.

Enhance Care & Improve Efficiencies At Your Living Facility

At AccuNurse, we understand your residents have more acute & complex conditions, reimbursements are smaller, and lengths of stays are shorter. The emergence of ACOs and other performance-based payment systems are placing even more pressure on your care staff to exceed performance benchmarks. To thrive in this competitive and intense environment, your business needs to think differently and embrace innovation as a tool in gaining a competitive edge.

AccuNurse has empowered our staff to answer the needs of our residents immediately.
Susan LupPlace,
Dir. of Clinical Operations at Preferred Care Partners Management

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